We follow all stages of the production cycle, from design to realization, from special processes to metrological testing. Our fields of application are mainly aerospace and aeronautics, formula 1, biomedical and nautical.

We are able to respond the our customers needs in total autonomy by handling special processes and special machining such as:

- 5 axis milling

- complete mechanical machining with CAD/CAM technologies

- welding of titanium in a controlled environment

- lost wax microfusion

- turning of highly complex details

- thermic treatments

- surface treatments like titanium anodic oxidation

- special processes like solid thread lubrication

EIDOS22 srl
Via Bernardo Dovizi 8/A - 47122, Forlì (FC), Italia
T. +39(0)543.798297 - F. +39(0)543.794119
P.IVA E CF 04270610407
Capitale sociale I.V. 100.000,00 Euro
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