Eidos22 is approaching the ever-evolving market with a dynamic look, always aiming at the improvement and the greatest possible satisfaction of its customers. The goal is to contribute to the technological development of the society we work and live, offering innovative ideas and solutions and delivering excellent products and services. We are daily engaged in research to grow our potential and be able to meet at the best  the requirements that our customers need.

Our mission is:

- deeply understand the needs of our customers by taking care about communication

- be able to handle and acquier the newest technologies to keep up-to-date

- increase our skills to effectively solve problems

- represent a guarantee of reliability and quality of the products provided

- always remember that the success of our customers is the engine of our own

EIDOS22 srl
Via Bernardo Dovizi 8/A - 47122, Forlì (FC), Italia
T. +39(0)543.798297 - F. +39(0)543.794119
P.IVA E CF 04270610407
Capitale sociale I.V. 100.000,00 Euro
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