This field is where technology is often implemented at the highest level, where tolerances are extreme and delivery times become crucials. Eidos22 srl is the leader in responding to this kind of needs, being able to produce special parts with high expertise ad using technologically advanced materials.

Eidos22 srl essentially contributes to the succes of the most important motorcycle and Formula1 teams, producing special fasteners, hydraulic joints, welded titanium components and engine parts and oil pump.

2017 - COO letter to employees

Thank you guys !!
"Happiness is the only thing that when dividing it multiplies"

This is a phrase by Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writer who loves to read for his wisdom and simplicity.

Here, today I want to share my happiness with you so that it can grow and become bigger.

Our main Formula One customer, summoned us for the annual "Supplier Score Meeting", or rhater, the evaluation of the performance of the past year's supplies and forecasts for the future. During this meeting they told us that we have entered the Top Ten of their suppliers, who reside mostly in Europe but also outside, also reported that we are the only suppliers to have obtained the "Totally Green" rating, that is, with everyone the evaluation parameters that have reached and exceeded the quality level expected by the Customer at all points. There are areas of improvement, but we are here to work and I am convinced that together, we will succeed. 

Be confident, only one thing makes a dream impossible, the fear of not doing it.

This is not the point of arrival, it is not the goal to be achieved, it must be the trampoline to further improve the performance of our work.

For any change, there is someone who has made a decision in the past. The success of change does not depend solely on the decision, but to a greater extent by people who live this change and implement it in order to make it positive and successful. So thank you all for your commitment, consistency, reliance on the difficult times and the professionalism you are doing to carry out your work at Eidos22 srl.

I am happy and proud of the team we have created and which is now gratified by these results.

Paolo Stenta
Forlì 29/06/2017


We also work with boat teams in the construction of structural components such as shaft bases, anchorage and locking points, helm supports and pins fitted with load measuring device.


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