Eidos22 srl is a young and historical company at the same time, in fact its hostory was born in 1986 when its name was C.L.S. srl. The founder, Mr Paolo Stenta started his career in Switzerland and in 1980 he decided to move back to Italy to starting his first individual company, already engaged in precision mechanic with first approach to titanium. In 1986 he founded C.L.S. srl operating in aeronautics, automotive, nautic and medical fields. After 20 years of activity C.L.S. srl tranfered all its know-how and resources to Eidos22 srl in wih Paolo Stenta and all the staff of C.L.S. srl is still working.

The transfer has been functional for internal reorganization and optimization, wich has raised Eidos22 srl in terms of human resources, competence and professionalism, as well as renewing the machines list and the establishment.


EIDOS22 srl
Via Bernardo Dovizi 8/A - 47122, Forlì (FC), Italia
T. +39(0)543.798297 - F. +39(0)543.794119
P.IVA E CF 04270610407
Capitale sociale I.V. 100.000,00 Euro
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